Ball Nigwar is a small village in Tehsil Dasht, located almost 90 kilometers away in the west of Turbat city, with a depended on the population of approximately 3500. Ball Nigwar, considered to be the biggest union council of Dasht, has a single high school for boys and a middle for girls. Almost 500 hundred students are enrolled in boys high school. Despite the fact that education is the only tool to develop a nation, the large population residing in Ball Nigwar still remains in grip of illiteracy since time immemorial.

Unluckily, the Govt Boys High School Balnigore lacked adequate science teachers. There are only 11 teachers; 5 SST ( Secondary School Teacher) teachers and 2 JET and others are hired and being paid monthly by the salaries of those seven governmental teachers.

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What makes the situation heartening and devastating are the posts of science teachers that remains vecant since 2014 when Sir Rafiq Oman -the headmaster and only science teacher in Govt High School Bal Nigwar – was abducted by the so-called unknown sources.

” In 1960s, the government established the Govt Primary School Balnigore. With the passage of time, approximately in 1970s, it was turned into a high school recently known as Govt High School Balnigore. However, the high school is the only means of pursuing the higher education in all over Dasht. There are almost 22 posts in high school; among them, 5 are SST ( Secondary School Teacher) generals, 2 science teachers, one for headmaster and others are JET and JVT including a clerk. Due to lack of proper attention received from the respective parts of the educational authorities, 9 posts remain vacant yet,” said Khalid Ali- a JVT teacher in the region- when I inquired about the school history and post vacancies. He told me that there were also some ghost teachers disrupting the school administration.

Sadly, being it beyond one’s visualization, one can figure out how hard it is for those 11 teachers to deal with a high population of 500 students. The menace is not only depended in the premises of high school; moreover, there are numerous primary schools in the area which lack proper infrastructure, basic amenities including electricity, water, chairs, toilets, and uncountable others.

Dilsar Primary School is one of the examples that is the most neglected and dilapidated primary schools in the region. It has only three teachers, dealing with a huge population of 350 students in the absence of adequate classrooms and teachers. In fact, the school has only two functional classrooms. As a result, the students set under trees and pursue their basic and necessary education. No doubt, some years earlier, the school had only one teacher confronting several challenges while dealing with this unending population. What we can hope from such a school lacking in the essential tools of primary education. Thus, the government has not yet taken any concrete steps to bring a meaningful change in the region.

The absence of girls high school is what drags our attention towards the failure of our so-called elected representatives who so far have done nothing to curb the plight just only made tall claims to gain political mileage in the elections. It is my plea to the higher authorities to establish a girl’s high school in Ball Nigwar so that girls should also play their respective part to direct the region towards progressiveness.

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Hence, it is high time that the concerned authorities should look into the matter on urgent basis and come up with an enchanting way to provide the residents of Ball Nigwar quality education which have been enshrined in the constitution of Pakistan.

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