The recent dastardly attack by Islamic State in Mastung left at least 128 people dead, including Balochistan Awami Party leader Siraj Raisani and 130 others got injured. The attack sadly shook the entire nation to the core.

After the incident, a large contingent of security forces cordoned off the area with the injured shifted to Civil Hospital Quetta, where an emergency was imposed. The question is; where are the laws and legislations that have been approved by the state to ensure the security of each and every individual? What keeps the relevant authorities so far to curb the plight of terrorist attacks and yet it remains a disastrous challenge to the government?

The Balochistan province- despite its growing importance – has been suffering from the menace of life-threating terror attacks.

Numerous attacks have caused the loss of many precious and innocent lives, while government has done nothing to provide relief to the miserably affected families. Hence, there seems no possible solution to the recent bloodshed going on in the naturally rich province.


Baba Faiz

Ball Nigwar

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