The education system in Balochistan is moving downwards instead of improvement and like other parts of Balochistan, Sabhab area of district Panjgoor has the worst system of education.

Sabhab is a town, located 4km far from Panjgoor city with a population of 7500 people and mostly the people of Sabhab are uneducated, but the residents of the area really want their youth (children) to get education so that they become able to earn a bright and shining future for themselves.

There are only five governmental schools in Sabhab out of which 4 schools are for boys and just one school is for girls. Unfortunately, just one boys’ school named as Eid Mohmmad bazaar school is functional and rest of the four schools are closed due to lack of teachers and other facilities.

As the school is located far away from the residential area that’s why only 30 male and female students make sure their presence and rest of the children are out of school. Due to lack of facilities and teachers, male and females are getting education in the same school.

Sadly saying, the only functional school also lacks the very basic facilities as it has only one classroom, there is no washroom which is a huge problem for the female students. It is left with no disks and chairs for students and shockingly there is only one teacher present in school who daily comes from Panjgor to Sabhab for his pupils.

This makes me sad when I see this poor education system in Balochistan. Today in 21st century where the students of other areas are getting education with the modern system with projectors, laptops and with the all other facilities, but here in Balochistan our schools lack the facilities of washroom, disks and chairs and out of 7500 population just 30 children are getting education with this poor system.

I appeal to the government to have a serious look to the worst education system of Balochistan, particularly in ruler areas of Balochistan. We don’t need just these old and dilapidated buildings rather we want a well and modernized education system in Balochistan.

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