Baloch culture and tradition used to be very rich from the beginning and some of the greatest palaces exist in Balochistan. Meeri-a-Kalat is one of the symbols of Baloch’s rich culture.

It has been a huge palace which is situated in an important place of Turbat city.The builders of the palace built it very cleverly in a place where the climate,protection, and other resources were good.

However, one of the most beautiful points to the location is that Kech river touches its corner which gives the best views to the people. Similarly, the place is a very nice picnic point and is the most visited place by youngsters and other populations.In fact, it the reality that from the beginning Government didn’t pay any kind of attention towards the palace of (Pono) which now turned into a desolate area where the visitors have been looted and threatened many times.

Moreover, the Kalat is not less than a golden place where many times people found several valuable coins, necklaces, jewelers and so many other ancient materials.

Thus, if government pays attention to the palace, it can turn into a museum as the palace is full of ancient materials and it is already a good picnic point if protection is confirmed.

Sabir K.B


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