Cleanliness has got much importance for the maintenance of a good health and a fresh environment, but due to negligence of the concerned local representatives, the students are deprived of a healthy environment.

The children are sent to schools so that they get education and become better human beings and serve the society in a better manner, but the dilapidated system has completely failed to teach the very basic manners to the children and students are not provided with a clean and fresh environment.

It is really painful to mention that Government Girls High School Turbat lacks the very fundamental facility of sanitation which shows the weakness and negligence of the concerned authorities and school administration.

Moreover, the condition of current toilets are beyond imagination and are unhygienic which may become the cause of spreading many diseases among the students.

Furthermore, non-availability of water is another huge problem and school administration has completely failed to provide such basic necessities to the female students.

Thus the students must be facilitated with the very basic necessities so that they get education in a fresh and healthy environment.

Hina Haider 

Turbat,  Oxford 

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