I don’t think that Baloch women are given equal rights, status and power of decision making by men of our society. They always want to be superior.

Here in 21st century which is itself an era of competition, but what is the expectation from a Baloch female by the society? Just to bake bread on fire.

The biggest freedom, “power of speech”, is not even given to them. Hundreds of women are being killed in the name of honour killings which itself depicts the the cruelness of society towards women.

The concept of society towards women is that they will ruin their respect and image but why this concept is not applied on men? I don’t mean to devalue men of the society. There are some psychological and physical differences between men and women, but that does not mean women are inferior to them.

A lot of efforts are being made, but still a lot more have to be made to bring equality.


This Piece is of writing is jotted down in response to Hanif Dilmurad’s article, Women In Baloch Society

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