It has been now two years that I’m in Karachi. Karachi is popularly known as the city of lights and it is also famous for educational activities.

A large number of Baloch people are residing in Karachi and most of them speak Urdu instead of Balochi language which is really a matter of grave concern.

Unfortunately, there exists a mindset among the people that only the illiterate people speak Balochi while the educated ones speak Urdu and to prove themselves educated, they proudly speak Urdu.

Urdu has gained much more importance over Balochi among the Baloch people in various parts of Karachi. Many of them have even adopted Urdu language in the home and they speak Urdu with their families and children instead of speaking their mother tongue, Balochi. They show no interest in Balochi and they feel bad to speak it.

It hurts me to mention that most of the Baloch students even don’t know about Syed Hashumi Reference Library which is the biggest library of Balochi language and contains most of the books on Baloch, Balochi and Balochistan. This institution is also well-known for teaching Balochi language.

Most of the students who visit the library are from different parts of Balochistan and the Baloch from Karachi are rarely found in the library.

I feel it is the beginning of vanishing Balochi from Karachi and there is an urgent need to mobilize the Baloch about the importance and significance of Balochi language otherwise, the Baloch people in Karachi will remain deprived of Balochi Language.

I humbly request the Baloch intellectuals and linguists to come forward and play their role to preach for Balochi language in Karachi so that the Baloch identity remains forever among the Baloch, no matter wherever they reside.


 N.R Baloch

Jiwani, Panwan

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