No one can deny the fact that teachers play a key role in any society or nation. They are considered the spiritual parents of students. But it is really embarrassing to say that the lecturers from Turbat University behave rudely and aggressively with their students.

Shockingly, they threat the students physically and even threaten them to kill or abduct them which is an extreme matter of grave concern.

Certain behaviors of lecturers will promote nothing except putting an end to the educational career of students.

Moreover, there is no denying the fact that students are the future of nation and if they are forced or threatened like this by our spiritual parents then who will be responsible for the black future of the students.

Additionally, I feel ashamed and guilty to say that our respectable teachers use inappropriate language with their students which is against the professional ethics of teaching. If the teachers behave like this, what better we can expect from the students who gain the education from them.

Thus, it is my humble request to the concerned authorities to take notice of the issue so that the students continue their education properly as currently many of the students have said goodbye to the studies due to inappropriate behaviors of the teaching faculty in Turbat University

Shar Gul

Karki, Turbat


Note: The views expressed in the Letter are of writer’s and The Baloch News may not be responsible in case of any disagreement.

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