According to oxford English dictionary “success” the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. Success is the highest degree of happiness to me, the most beautiful success in this world is to win other’s heart.

Further, if we possess the skill of winning others heart then no one can defeat us, the second thing to get success, we require to strive hard.

Moreover, it is over our head to come off with colors without struggle or hard work. Coming out smelling like roses needs to learn to sacrifice and have to make sincere efforts. Take the example of bees, they are all the time busy with collecting food for themselves. After working hard, they get the sweet food.

Similarly, one gets the sweet food by not resting but attempting hard constantly.

Remember the best reward comes through the hardest struggle, it is the secret of success.

“There is no secret of success, it needs preparation, hardworking and learning from failure”.

Mehnaz Alijan

Turbat, Kech


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