A nation can’t move towards peace and prosperity until its women stand side by side with male members of the society

However, in men dominated society women are made bound to limit themselves within the walls and they are not treated as equal member of the society.

As it is a well-known fact that from the 3rd century, women rights are being violated and they have been kept background in every field of life.

Women are being ignored in our society as they are not given the right to educate themselves and they are not consulted and taken into confidence with regard to any kind of decision-taking process.

In our society male members of the families are the decision makers and they are fully empowered.

According to a recent report, every year more than 700 girls are forced to marry and nobody raises the voice over this injustice against the female members of the society.

Honour killing has been become too much common in our society as we have attached every norm of honour and dignity with the women and don’t hesitate to kill the women if the matter is of dignity and honour. But if the same action is performed by a male member of society, he doesn’t receive that harsh punishment which the women receive. The women are also made victim of physical violence and torture in the society.

Girls are being forced to marry at the age of 12 which is not the suitable age for a girl to marry as she doesn’t know anything what marriage is, but she is still forced to do so which destroys her life.

Hazrat Ali said that male are female members of the society have the equal rights. The gender equality is needed in order to balance the structure of the society.

With the above mentioned points, I request to the thinkers, journalists, intellectuals and government authorities to move forward and give same rights to the women which the men enjoy.

Dolat khan

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