Don’t criticize what you can’t understand Bob Dylan

One of our team members had shared a picture of a Baloch woman who seems to be busy in cooking and the picture carried a caption highlighting the deprivation of Baloch from its own Sui Gas which was the actual purpose of that post, but some of our audiences partially focused the picture leaving the main purpose of it aside. They began to criticize us that we disrespected the Baloch woman. Actually, We did not portray the picture negatively rather we wanted to convey our message and this picture rightly represented it because one cannot find anything bad or nonsense in the posted picture or one surely finds no negativity in the written caption, but still few of miscreants are trying to give it a bad name. Our agenda is not to disrespect our Baloch mothers and sisters rather we aim to educate and inform the people around the globe about the Baloch, Balochi, Brahvi and Balochistan and we will continue to do so. The ones who are trying to defame us should utilize their energy and time in doing something useful for the society and for their people.

Chuck Palahniuk says

“It’s easy to attack and destroy an act of creation. It’s a lot more difficult to perform one.”

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