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Balochistan portion of The Baloch News focuses on the Baloch personalities who have contributed greatly in Balochi and Brahvi languages or they have worked for the betterment of Baloch and Balochistan in political, literary and social platforms. It also includes the Balochi folk stories that have much popularity in Baloch nation and the Baloch ancestors used to tell those stories to the young generation so that the centuries old stories remain alive in the hearts of Baloch nation.

As sorrows and happiness are integral parts of life and without which life becomes tasteless and boring. Likewise, marriages have got a gigantic role in one’s life; they not only bring happiness and joys in the lives of couples...
Very few individuals exist after their physical existence vanishes. They are the immoral ones. Baloch history does not lack such immortal personalities. One of the major examples is Syed Zahoor Shah Hashumi, whose entire life was for Baloch, Balochi...
Gulsher Daad Historical palaces and antique pieces are admired and studied due to their intricacy nature. However, it has been a herculean task for the people in Pakistan to prevent the destruction of the historical heritage which face a serious...
Balochistan...! The land of mountains, deserts and love is widely known for its political worsening situations, terrorist attacks, rich mineral resources (Copper, Gold, Oil, Gas) and the CPEC that connects Gwadar to Kashgar. But the immense and historical traditions...




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