“They have not any idea why they are living separately now. It was not their fate, but an external force that divided the oneness of their ancients,” oldest of the gathered-men spoke to the rest of attendees that night.
Everyone was tensed and sad for the division of the birds, holding a single purpose to live in support of each other. Since the day, an outsider entered in them and coloured, at least, one fourth of them as him. From the day, remaining birds started reshaping themselves and adopting the outsider’s way of living.
New looks of the group, seemingly, acquired a far more importance than the older one. The outsider not only brought a colour, but also placed a different and blind belief, differences within oneness, devaluation of minorities and, the most, giving superiority to the new shape and leaving the old one they were born with in darkness.
“They knew they were feeling unsatisfied internally after adoption of the new shape, yet most of them did not realize the loss of their internal relaxation and significance of their old version. That is how they are: gradually, falling deep into division.” The man added while captured by sadness.
Everyone could feel how the fire started catching the weaker body and then was giving an illusive-happy ending, though unseen. The tradition ran over there from generations to generations and summed up with nothingness for them. One thing was more saddening; their tree was not theirs anymore. With arrival of the outsider, they unconsciously left behind their fruitful tree. All they were more concerned, and fight for, was only the shape tactically given by others. It derived them into an universal and permanent departure.
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