Suicide is one of the most occuring evils in our society. It is the act of taking one’s own life due to various reasons. According to World Health Organization (WHO), every year more than 15,000 suicide cases are reported in Pakistan. Among these, 25pc of the cases involve teenagers. From here, we can judge that the ratio of suicide among the teenagers is very high.
Recently, a girl committed suicide in Kech district due to reasons still veiled. Not only this, several boys, girls, women and men have been reported to have committed suicide. Upon inquiry, we have found out several reasons behind suicides including family pressure.
A number of parents want their children to get good grades at any rate. Whereas, life is not all about getting good grades and not everyone, specially in our education system, is supposed to get good grades merely based on their skills. If the students get low grades, they will be tortured – usually mentally – by the family members.
Not everyone is born to do whatever others decide for them. It is very obvious that in a class, all the students cannot get positions and there will be some students. And there are possibilities for students to fail, or get lower grades. Therefore, family members should be conscious while discussing to them when they are failed to do what their parents and family members want. They should even motivate and encourage them during such situations.
Sometimes, students choose suicide when they think the only solution to their problems is death. However, it is not the solution. One needs to do the following things in order to get rid of such senseless thoughts of suicide.
1- If one is struggling with thoughts of suicide, it is essential to take help from a professional psychiatrist.
2- One should need to reduce stress by being connected with others because stress can contribute to feelings of hopelessness due to which one may think of suicide.
3- The last and the most important point is to motivate your own self by keeping a charming smile and be brave to face the problems and braver to overcome them.
To conclude, be courageous to live fearlessly because after every dark night, there is a bright day. Hence, be patient and trust the process of life. Life is given once, so cheer it out fully.
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