Mir Gul Khan Nasir was among those Baloch writers who indited the history of Baloch. He penned down several poems in Balochi, Urdu, Persian and other languages. Some of his papular books include “The Baloch Race, Daastan-e-Dostain o Sheereen.” His books and poems were very popular in and around Balochistan. At that time, he was considered one of the most loved and popular writers who also participated in politics.

He was also an influential poet and a journalist. This great soul came to existence on 14th May, 1914, in Nushki (Balochistan) in the home of Habib Bibi Hooran. Upon his birth, his parents named him Gul Khan – also famously known as “Malek-o-Shoara”. He received his basic education up-to class 4 from his town in Nushki after which he moved to Quetta for his further education. He got enrolled in Sandeman High School.

For his higher education, he took on to the path of Lahore and secured admissions in Islamia College Lahore. During his second year in Islamia College, a piece of coal went into his eye due to which he left the college and came back to Quetta, Balochistan.

At that time, Balochistan was divided into five different parts and the entire region was ruled by the British. Observing the occupation on his motherland, he fought in whatever form he could: for his nation and mother language. He started writing in Baluchi language. Soon after, he got fame in Baluch literature.

Apart from literature, he was interested in politics and also worked for Muslim League but he left that soon. He fought from dawn to dusk for the rights of Baloch. As he is quoted to have said, “Demanding our rights is not a crime, it is self-respect and butchering our self-respect is as easy as some say.”

From 1935 to 1980, he worked hard and wrote most of the poetries and books about his nation. There is a library on his name in Nushki. He spoke some beautiful words before he left us in a dark cave of oppression: “This soil is our home, after death it is our grave and I am always a slave of this soil.”

One of the most beautiful souls, Mir Gul Khan Nasir died of lung cancer at the age of 69. He had no money for treatment so he died in 1983 in Karachi and was buried in his village in Nushki. As a Baloch, we must not forget his contributions and put forward our efforts in bringing a change in the society.

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