Adam Hussain Haqqani was a famous, Baloch nationalist poet of his time who belonged to Jahoo area of Awaran, born in the year 1917. He was the son of Haji Zahri. He received his early education from his hometown. He was very sensitive towards his motherland and had great bond and love for his land. Nevertheless, we will not be wrong to term him as a ‘revolutionary poet’. Because through his poetry, he showed the Baloch people the path to resistance.

Adam’s poetries impressed the youth a lot due to which many took part in the Baloch national struggle against the British empire in the colonial era. The empathetic behavior of the nominal leaders led Haqqani to raise his voice against the injustices happening in his society against the will of his people. It ultimately made him a thought-provoking poet of the Baloch society. In fact, as the rulers of Baloch land were ‘sold-out’ chiefs, his poetries described atrocities committed by these so-called chiefs.

Famous Baloch poet and fiction writer, Murad Sahir remarked on Adam Hussain Haqqani calling him a ‘true nationalist poet’ for his everlasting love for his land. Sahir further narrates that Adam was always conscious of the issues of his surrounding and was putting his words in identifying them with their solutions. “Adam, in a classic style, narrates the absence of dinner of Baloch farmers, unavailability of lunch of a shepherd, the chief’s brutalities and the atrocities of powerful people against the Baloch on their soil,” Sahir wrote.

Adam Hussain started writing poem at the age of twenty (1937). Soon after his poetry got viral, he became a well-known personality in the Baloch set-up. He lined poetries in Balochi, Persian and Urdu languages, and had penned down more than one thousand poems in Balochi, another four hundred poems in Urdu and Persian.

Unfortunate for the Baloch nation, he died in the year 1994 which is deemed as a great loss to the literary and political fields of Balochistan. A grand ceremony was held to pay rich tributes to the lost leaf in 2002 organised by the then Deputy Commission Awaran, Abdul Kareem Baryale and attended by Baloch literary figures including Mubarak Qazi, Ghani Parwaz, Azad Kareem and others.

Duroon, a Balochi poetry book published by Balochi Academy Quetta, is in Adam’s bag. His book highlights the issues faced by the Baloch people at that time – mostly due to Nawabs and Sardars. At that meantime, Sardars were taking share (in Balochi we call it Shash Shek) from poor and innocent farmers and he was the only poet in Awaran who provoked the thoughts of people to resist against the chieftain system. His nationalistic approach earned him a good place in the Baloch society.

We should not forget him and his services which he gave us through his poetry. We should hold programs on his life and literary career and continue the program he had left on us. We should fulfill what he had dreamed of.

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