“The Four Precious Jackets” is a fictional book written by a young Baloch author, Mehrullah Jameel, and was published in 2019. At that time, the author was a student of Intermediate at Atta Shad Degree College Turbat. He dedicated his book to the depressed and disappointed youth for whom life meant a falling sky. Dedicating this to them was for telling them in particular that life did not mean by one act against our favor was everything – which is observed in his story of the book too. In fact, this book is all about motivation, struggle, determination and self-encouragement.
However, the main character of the story, Kalvin, never loses hope in the story. This never-losing hope leads him towards success within two years to save his family. As it is said, “Tough time does not last but tough people do.” That is what Kalvin proved in the story. We have to be those tough people and keep patience to every situation of life and deal with them bravely.
Besides this, Mehrullah’s book teaches every reader to stay committed to your decisions in life. He says that no matter how hard or tough the game is, play it and do not let it play on you. As we know every problem is merely a situation and we are to accept those situations in life. To be exact, a life without problems is not normalcy. So, do not think having problems in life means life is destroyed, but go with them as a part of life. Howbeit, do struggle to combat them. Mehrullah presented it well in the form of Kalvin who was so keen to struggle.
In that story of Kalvin, another point of notice was his sole target where he wanted to reach without thinking any other thing that could possibly hinder him. That inspired me so much because in a normal life that we live, we get distracted by other issues which divert our centric focus. Amidst this, we lose our main target. This story taught me to hope and struggle which would lead one to success. As a little suggestion, if the characters of the story would have been that of the Baloch society, where the author and his readers live, this would have farther and better impacts. But overall, this has been a very beautiful read.
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