LATE Noor Khan Bizanjo was a Baloch singer famous for his soulful singing. He was born on 4th of December, 1969, in one of the seaside cities of Balochistan, Pasni. His interest in singing grew from his childhood. He was a poet, too. With his passing years in Karachi, he built his career as a singer there. After few months, his soulful voice in songs and his poetries became familiar with overall people in Balochistan. He actually had some natural flow in his voice and the way he sang was brilliant enough that caught attention of everyone.

Not only in Balochistan, but his voice emerged for the people of other countries too like Iran and Oman. People from there had invited him just to have him for singing his songs in live concerts. Factually, people in Balochistan can never forget his works for the Balochi language. His singing was a way to push Balochi music and language ahead.
When he was not made permanent in the teaching field, he got a chance to invest his potentials and energy in the singing field. Although he faced criticism from his own brothers and other family members, but he just focused on what he could have done better and he did it well.
There are two collections of Noor Khan Bizanjo in shape of books which are “Baam Range Sadaf” and “Hayale Chandan”.
Apart from this, Noor Khan opened a club in Pasni because of what many people from various parts of Balochistan knew of it. This of his act brought a better change for the Balochi language as people’s love for their mother tongue raised more by listening to Noor Khan and appreciating his works.
Things were going accordingly as the day arrived which took away a beautiful soul of the singing world of Balochi when Noor Khan died on August 5, 2003 at Turbat. It felt like his death orphaned the Balochi singing for years later. Had Noor Khan been alive, Baloch music would have been to a different level today.
It is said that an artist never dies and he lives till the language he sang exists. As Baloch and Balochi have existence today, Noor Khan Bizanjo is alive in the heart of every Baloch.
To sum up my words, I would like to quote Noor Khan: “Listen to your nation and bear your nation. Because it is the biggest nationalism.”
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