Hello writers,

The materials we receive, we appreciate everything one by one considering your level of understanding and penning them down accordingly. However, there is always room for improvement. It is always learning in writing.

After observing thoroughly the materials we receive, we feel very few can fit with our criteria. Not that the others are not eligible for publication, but other relevant platforms can better accommodate them. As mentioned in our site, we endorse write-ups – other than letters – which directly or indirectly relate to Baloch, Balochi and Balochistan or of international interests connecting in any mean with the formers.

Following the sent things that we receive, we find most of them hearsays or air-says. It is due to improper or no research on the written facts, just writing whatsoever comes in mind without confirming their validity and throwing things on air.

Dear writers,

Remember, writing is a responsible job. Honesty, hard-work and sincerity are basics of the field. The Baloch News (TBN) is the platform from where you can transform to professionalism and do everything that you can for your people, your nation. We hope to receive more responsible writings in times to come from our young writers.

Everything that is written with sincerity, will definitely get our consideration no later. We look forward to your write ups whether they are blogs, articles, Balochistan-related stories (fictional and non-fictional), non-fictions, book, movie and song reviews and everything else that relates to Baloch, Balochi and Balochistan.

Kind regards,

Editorial team,

The Baloch News

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