The Gomazi Civil Society (GCS) organised a protesting rally in the town against the drug dealers and warned them to cease promoting and taking drugs in the society.

The protesters marched to various points of drug dealers where they were openly selling drugs. The points included Cheeri Bazaar, Tuki Bazaar and Sari Bazaar where drugs had been sold to the masses openly and without any administrative restrictions. The people gathered at a large number from the society leading towards the streets to the markets and raising slogans against the drug dealers.

While addressing the crowd, the organisers said that drugs had ruined almost every home in Gomazi and the other connecting areas. They added that due to the excessive use of drugs, robbery had become a common practice in the area. Facing the audience, the civil society leaders said that it was a misfortune for them as a society that only three to four families had been destroying more than five hundred families of around fifty thousand population. “It is high time we showed them we are fed up with their unhealthy practice which has not been destructing our today’s generation only, but is a threat to the coming generations,” they said.

When reached at the drug points, they warned the drug dealers for the final time to freeze dealing drugs or else there would raise severe nature of resistance against them. They said that due to the material benefits of only few families, keeping the lives of hundreds of families at stake was never acceptable. “In case of selling of drugs further, we will bring every legal action against all the drug dealers,” they maintained, adding that if the administration strained from taking action against them, they would do all that by themselves. The organisers have asked the religious scholars to address before Friday’s prayers (today) against drugs and the drug dealers.

To mention here, drugs have become a common practice in Tump tehsil of district Kech where a large number of people have been affected with drug addiction. Gomazi is one of the towns of Tump where the locals resisted the drug dealers. The locals grieve that instead of stopping the spread of drugs, the law enforcement agencies and administration take bribes from drug dealers and permit them to sell drugs openly.

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