According to a recent report of the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, Balochistan is the poorest province among all the provinces in terms of development, where majority of the people are the victims of poverty. It is the main issue that creates the other correlating problems. Creating a problem is very easy but solving that problem is not an uphill task.

Fundamentally, Balochistan is facing every sort of obstacle towards a progressive region. For every single individual, life is made tougher and harder. In fact, Balochistan is the province which is backward in every regard. Be it education, proper infrastructures, job opportunities, illiteracy or so forth which are ingesting Balochistan as a whole, scientifically and socially.

No one can deny the fact that Balochistan is the largest province of Pakistan by area, filled with natural resources like gas, oil, gold, copper and many others, but unfortunately, Balochistan itself is deprived of getting these facilities. Instead of Baloch, other communities and nations are taking the benefits of these natural materials which are gifted to Balochistan.

Poverty is being a curse for every Baloch in the region. According to the recent report of United Nations Organization (UNO), Balochistan is considered as the poorest and most negligent region throughout the world. Due to poverty in Balochistan, small children, who are underage, are working in different places in order to help and support their families so that they would financially become stable. In Balochistan, however, most of the children are being off to their childhood just because of poverty.

It is this childhood that has led the children to work in various workplaces like in shops, garages, factories, agriculture and so forth due to extreme poverty, while they were to be in schools at such an age. If it continues, Balochistan will portray a very bleak picture in the near future.

Unemployment and corruption are leading causes to severe nature of poverty in Balochistan. Because Balochistan’s land is considered a ‘gold fish’ as everyone, whether from Balochistan or any other part of the state, only deem to loot and settle down, and no one works for a progressive Balochistan. Every year, more than thirty thousand students graduate from various universities of the country, but only few jobs are announced despite so many of the vacancies in all the departments.

Lastly, Balochistan’s situations are out of the context of normalcy and peace. In such a realm, Balochistan cannot prosper unless accountability is ensured. If things continue to remain as such, Balochistan will continue to remain deprived of the fundamentals of a peaceful living.

The writer is the student at Dynamic English Language Teaching Academy Turbat.

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