Baloch Students Action Committee (BSAC) Naal Zone held “Naal Literary Festival” in Naal, which is one its prime programs. On 23rd of July, 2022, BSAC conducted the session in high school Naal. Sessions consisted of a panel discussion, speeches, dramas and poetry session.

In panel discussion on the theme of Career Counselling, speakers gave insights on the theme. They addressed the crises and problems in career deciding. Panelists Zahid Dost (PhD Scholar), Zareef Baloch (MA literature) and Amir Baloch (BS physiology) deeply discussed negative tendencies, misconceptions and also brought rare fields in the consciousness of audience.

They stressed that it was a digitalized world where they had to explore more fields and should not only be centered towards medical. Speaking on career counselling, they stated that it was a very poor decision that most of students chose medical science or pre-engineering and they were bound to only go in these two fields. “They have to be counseled well about all they fields,” they discussed.

BSAC’s Central Information Secretary Arif Baloch brought a comparative analysis of Baloch Students politics’ past and present in his speech. He added that Baloch students politics had always provided leadership to nation and filled the vacuum. He further added that in past, students organizations were influenced by mainstream political parties. “However, in the modern age, they worked under no influence and they are more centralized.”

It was followed by another speech delivered by Aslam Baloch. He, in his speech, addressed problems of education in Naal. He also presented facts and figures on Naal education crisis further in his speech.

A huge score of people from Greshah, Naal, Wadh, Khuzdar, Surab and other adjourning areas attended the event. The event was concluded with the poetry session in which participants presented different soulful poetries.

At the end, all the participants appreciated BSAC over conducting such festivals and stressed on intensifying such events in such regions in the future as well.

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