Baloch Yakjehti Committee (BYC) organised a protest against the enforced disappearances of Baloch and the ruthless attitude of the Sindh police towards the peaceful protesters of Karachi,  on Wednesday (June 15) outside the University of Balochistan (UoB).

The protesting rally began outside the main gate of the varsity and turned back after walking some distances. The rally thereafter camped outside the varsity’s gate blocking the Sariyab road. A short drama was performed by the protesters which showed “how the Baloch were being disappeared from their homes”. The other part of the drama portrayed the recent unpleasant behavior of Sindh police towards the peaceful protesters who used the force of violence against them outside the provincial Assembly of Sindh.

While speaking to the gathering, Bebagr Baloch, a political activist, asked for apology to the public for blocking their way, and instantly asked them. “You people are late for some 30 to 40 minutes and you are this angry: have you ever thought how would the Baloch mothers feel who are waiting for some eight years, ten years and twelve years for the return of their children?”

He said that the way their sisters’ scarfs were thrown away and they were dragged, it was equal to playing with their honor – the Baloch honor. He complained that many Baloch youth were merely limited to TikTok who keep sharing videos as “We are honorable, we are Baloch, and we are lions and so on”, he questioned them where they were when their sisters’ and mothers’ scarfs were being thrown away. He further said that on the basis of one female suicide bomber, targeting the entire national community was out of his senses. “A frontier corps sepoy killed Hayat Baloch in Turbat, then as they are acting upon, the entire frontier corps must be punished and fired,” he said.

The missing Rashid Hussain’s mother was also present in the protesting rally who had the picture of his missing son and, as usual, demanding for his son’s release. She said that despite several promises from the former Prime Minister Imran Khan and the present Premier’s party leader Mariyam Nawaz Shareef, his son and the other missing persons were not released. “If Rashid is guilty of any crime, at least have the courage to produce them before your own courts,” she said.

Earlier on night of 13th June, the Sindh police was found violating against the peaceful protesters – including children and women – in Karachi. They were protesting for the safe release of two Baloch students, Doda Baloch and Ghamshad Baloch, who were allegedly whisked away from their house in Maskan Chowrangi area of Karachi on June 7 and released early in the morning of 14th of June (the very next morning when protesters were beaten) at around 4:15 am from Karachi.

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