Students are considered the backbone of a nation. Through hard work, they become the future that they are meant to be. They go on and serve as doctors, engineers, scientists, artists, and eventually transform into leaders in their respective fields.

They will play a part in formulating laws and giving direction to the nation or the State in the future but first, they have to be an example for their school and family. They must attend the classes regularly and on time; one of the best features of a student has to be her punctuality. They have to set an example by taking good care of the school property, working hard on their assignments and respecting their teachers and fellow students. At the same time, they should aspire for improving the education system by having the confidence to offer constructive feedback.

Moreover, critical thinking is also crucial. A student should do research, observe, compare and positively question the world around her. Since in today’s fast-paced times of social media it has become difficult to differentiate between authentic news and WhatsApp propaganda or conspiracy theories, a student should learn to check and double-check the source of the news. Apart from that, she should present her views with logic and solid references rather than resorting to grand statements and disinformation.

Another aspect of a student’s life that in my opinion needs to be talked about more is reading. By that, I mean reading books outside the syllabus. Their course always has to have priority, but in their spare time, they should read about history, politics and literature. Such activities shape the brain and help them look at life from a broad perspective.

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