Teachers are the lamp that seek to spread light and the rising glow that comes after darkness. October 5 is celebrated around the world as “Teacher’s Day”. This is a day to thank and pay rich tributes to the teachers for what they have done and are doing for their students. This is a day of showing and recognizing respect for teachers in every society around the world, because they are playing an important role in the development of any nation in the world.

However, they are the true architects of a prosperous and successful society. To clarify further, teachers are the backbones of every student because without their encouragement and support, no students can reach to their destinations. A country without a teacher is a body without a soul and a mind without thoughts. Education is one of the most difficult professions in the world with many responsibilities. Teachers do their best to shape a student’s mind. So, we must thank them for all their efforts and contributions.

In addition, teachers are the real heroes of the nation because they are the ones who provide the nation with doctors, artists, pilots, engineers and etcetera. So this day is celebrated especially to thank those who have won hearts. Every student in this world wants to show their love and respect to their teachers because they are the most respected souls in a student’s life. Everyone expresses their feelings and emotions to their teachers on this special day. Teachers sacrifice their emotions for the success of their students’ and nations’ brighter future. A teacher is like a light that helps to enlighten every student.

So, it becomes our first responsibility to thank them for everything they do for us. They spend their whole lives in making our world a better place, and they encourage us to reach the heights of success. As such, we should thank them for their encouragement, guidance and because of whom we know what is right and wrong today. A teacher is a blessing from the Lord of Glory that makes our career and guides us towards success.

Finally, we should all thank our teachers for their support in our academic life. I have always thought that teachers are holy angels in their path who lead their flock out of darkness. So, thank you teachers for your everlasting efforts and sacrifices.

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