Mental health is more important than the consideration could have a definition. It needs to be taken care else we will wash the hands from it. Saddest to have the remarks, here no one cares in regard of the mental health of others – not even their own– whereas, in some instances we also cause hurdles to others’ mental health processes.

Things are not normal the way they appear in common routines. We need to be careful about everything, be that personal or public. I witness people in my own society getting distracted due to the mental pressures put by the surroundings. We really never know what act of ours can put a person into the hottest water of mental health.

In fact, we are often careless of our words, jokes, funny gatherings and unnecessary conversations which may make the next person get into serious mental tensions. We even do not dare to know how our words are causing mental injuries to others and as to how we are challenging the mentality of the subordinates. Today, rest of our people are the victims of depression, tension, anxiety etcetera. All these happen due to inflicting tortures to their mental processes.

The recent session of mine with a famous psychologist councilor, Sadia Hamid, shocked her to know about my level of tensions. I was near to great depression, my energy was going to be ruined and even my mental health could be damaged. All these happened because of criticism, negligence, fights and hard comments. We know not what time and what we give to people. It is necessary to think of the mental health of others. If once it is destroyed, it cannot get a proper shape.

So, be kind and normal to others, stop talking about their looks, do not judge them through your perception, avoid negative criticism and, most importantly, stop commenting even in jokes. Because we know not how our words hurt, break or depress others and even lead them to commiting suicide. All we need is a peaceful and joyous surrounding.

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