The abundance of books helps us face different challenges of life by pushing us towards the right path to success. Similarly, “Zindagi Ka Safar” is one such captivating book that instills in its readers that challenges shape our personalities better. Authored by Salim Rahim [Urdu Lecturer at Atta Shad Degree College, Turbat], the book got published in December 2020 by Ilm o Adab Publishers, Karachi.

Because the author has experienced so many cities where he was posted, he has collected all his memories and shaped them into a book. Salim Raheem was a Junior Vernacular Teacher [JVT] at Alandor High School [Buleda] who also taught English language in evenings at Alandor. Later on, he taught at Cadet College Panjgur for two years and two months. After his stay in Panjgur, he was transferred to Inter College Tump and currently he is on duty in Atta Shad Degree College, Turbat.

“Zindagi Ka Safar” is composed of multiple stories of the author which have lasted great impacts on my personality and boosted my inner self to a more courageous future. On one hand, Salim Rahim has faced beautiful moments in his life, and on the other, he witnessed the worst of times in his life so far, which he has portrayed to his readers through his collection with suitable expressions. Fully inspirational in themselves, the author’s stories are definitely going to motivate his readers to do bigger things in life.

One more important thing this book contains is how the system of the country is corrupt. He mentions in one of his stories (of Quetta) an incident when he was asked to pay and take the results of his cousin who was absent. It was open injustice with others in one or the other way, but money makes our officers do anything.

His life in Panjgur was wholly different that of Quetta and Alandoor. In Cadet College Panjgur, it was only he who wanted to spread a reading environment in the college. He was hindered quite a time by the administration which shows how the system ceases the well-wishers towards positive development in this part. But it never stopped him to keep struggling. He even though looked after the students like a parent; visited them often in hostels, asked them of any sort of grievances, made friendly environment and taught them a lot in practical.

But, students could not be more loyal to their teacher. In an occasion when two students were fighting, Salim interfered and fired the students for a week or two. Unfortunately, they [the students] had terms with higher authorities who, using their influence, transferred Salim Rahim to Inter College Tump. It shows us how influential figures interfere in education and take it to the highest peak of destruction. History witnesses, they never let honest instructors tell the true side of the picture.

In short, this book “Zindagi Ka Safar” is full of stories related to the author who burnt (and is still burning) midnight oil to produce a better educational environment in everywhere he was posted. His honesty was the reason that he was transferred to various colleges of Makran Division. Sir Salim Raheem is a real asset for the students of Atta Shad Degree College Turbat.

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