Gresha (locally pronounced as Greshag) is a sub tehsil of district Khuzdar which consists of small villages. It is located some 80 kilometers away from the main city of Khuzdar, with a population of approximately 29,000. Gresha is one of the most beautiful locations in Khuzdar where people are engrossed in farming with different crops based on seasons. In the months of June and July, the crops of onion, watermelon etcetera are prepared for selling. Despite its countless contributions in agriculture, Gresha has faced several problems, particularly in its education and healthcare departments.

Article 25A of Pakistan’s constitution provides free and compulsory education to children of ages five to sixteen, but Gresha is totally neglected in this regard. One finds some middle schools and three high schools in the sub tehsil, but the system in these schools is wholly poor as compare to the other parts of the district.

Sorry to mention, the sole reason behind a poor display of education in these schools is irresponsibility showed by the faculty members. Firstly, many of the teachers of the given schools are, maybe, hired on recommendations because they never give duty and take the salaries exactly on time. Leaving few teachers, some others are even if present, they are mostly busy in using their mobiles instead of looking after the school and students in classes.

On the other hand, the healthcare system, like that of the education, is going through tough times. In the hospitals of the sub tehsil, we hardly ever find a sitting doctor. A common quotation is famous in the region, “When the doctor arrived, the patient had died.” It clearly shows how the state of healthcare is in Gresha.

Besides doctors, there is a scarcity of medicines and beds too. In emergency cases, one cannot find medicines and other facilities, and hence needs to move to the main city for medical facilities. How come a poor travel some 80 kilometers for small ailments? In other emergency cases, there are like chances that the patient may die till they travel 80 kilometers to reach to the city hospital.

It becomes the core duty of the concerned authorities to look at the matter seriously and sort out at least educational and healthcare issues of Gresha. They are the fundamental needs of human beings. It is the clear disobedience to the constitution of the country when basic ends are not fulfilled of the residents. We look forward to some concrete measures by the sitting government.

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