Diplomacy, originating from two Greek words, ‘Diplo’ which means two folds and ‘Ma’ referring to an object, means two folds of an object. It is, no doubt, the art and science of sustaining peaceful relationships among nations, groups and individuals. Those who practice diplomacy are known as diplomates, who strive to assist their own countries to encourage cooperation other than war.

Diplomacy has been defined by different thinkers. Churchill calls it an art of telling people to go to hell in such a way as to ask for directions. It is about considering all interests of national part. All sorts of evil and good actions are made at the shadow of diplomacy to add profits to national part which is determined through the existence of foreign policies.

In the words of Nicolson, diplomacy is the art of saying nastiest things in the nicest way. Historically, masses did not carry any cards, documents and pages to appear anywhere. But the epoch of kingdom introduced a new system of providing document to people for identity.

The very first diploma was granted to Hamzai by the King Elba, a resident of north Iran. This period is regarded the original trace of diplomacy during 2500 BC. Later, diplomacy had a great go in the traditional age. It was developed after the Treaty of Westphalia in 1648 and the Congress of Vienna in 1815.

Further, after World War II, diplomacy thoroughly got shaped and utilized. It was recorded when United States of America owned nuclear strength in 1944 and experimented it in Japan that thwarted the state ruthlessly. World at the given period was surrounded under the dominance of this hegomanic power. To encounter the vanquishing aspects, USSR, another imperial power, adopted the same paradigm of making nuclear power in the boundaries. This act illumined the balancing side of power with the split portions of strength in this bipolarity system.

Later, in 1945, at the time of cold war which had raised between USA and the USSR, the communist and capitalist blocs strived hardest to manipulate the world using the technique of Diplomacy. Then, they established relationships on alliance like NATO to own more progressiveness against the opposite country. Additionally, the situation of cold war had the persistency until 1991 when USSR collapsed worstly. The loss of this imperial power granted the power to USA to control the world order and influence countries under unipolarity system.

But right after this war, there was a great promulgation of liberal democracy. Under this method, countries were considered the most powerful in seeking their economic strength. Today, the power center lays in multiple countries, shaping the world again by converting it to multipolarity. This system again creates threats to lead the world in warfare conditions. To avoid these all conflictual events, states attempt to adopt diplomatic tools in order to abolish the disputes and hold the prevalence of peace and harmonization.

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