The ancestral lands of Baloch and Sindhi people in Abdullah Gabol Goth, Noor Mohammad Gabool Goth and adjoining areas of Ghadap in Malir District of Karachi are forcefully being grabbed by Bahria Town Karachi Administration with the help of Sindh Government.

Reports coming from Karachi reveal that Sindh Police is helping the Bahria Town Administration in expanding their project by illegally capturing the lands of the people in the given areas who have been living there for years. The local Baloch and Sindhi have been resisting against the violent approach of Bahria Town and Sindh Police. However, the guards of Bahria Town have been shelling and firing on the people including women and children.

This brutal act has been condemned by the Sindh Indigenous Rights Alliance. They, along with the local indigenous people, have been fighting against the illegal capture of their ancestral lands for years. In fact, Court has issued order over this grave issue and warned the authorities of Bahria Town not to seize these lands, but the order seems unconsidered.

Baloch Yakjehti Committee Karachi has excoriated the unconstitutional act with strong words and raised serious concerns over the unlawful grabbing of the lands of these areas. They asked the government of Sindh to support the local indigenous people instead of standing by Bahria Town. BYC pledged to support the local people in their struggle and fight against the Bahria Town Administration and the Sindh Police in every possible means.

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