Human beings are habitual of criticizing any person who they don’t like. It does not matter how she/he is or what they do, the critical people always criticize them. Verbal criticism already distracted many things, now such people have gotten a platform of social media where they can easily criticize whoever they want.

Personality from the film industry, sports, artist, activist and other social media workers are the main target of such people. And apart from that, common people who do something different, will be criticized too.

However, the social media platforms help many people in their business and other works but on the other side the young generation who have to work on their career are spending their time on social media. And they are the ones who criticize the most. For the actors being trolled is very common, their each step puts them in trolls .

Moreover, with the critical mindset people forget that someone has a status in their lives, they have a personal and professional life. May they ignore such kind of criticism or trolls but these can affect a lot. They bear many things in their daily life. There are some people who use fake I’d just for criticizing people. We can find very strange names on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube where such people pass critical comments on other people.

The bad thing is that they mostly use abusive language against people. I do not understand what they get by doing such bad acts. It is too bad to wrongfully criticize someone when she/he is not wrong actually. Reputation and dignity is nothing for them to look after. All the social media are hubs for such critical people. Whenever I check out these apps I can see a lot more critical and negative comments than positive. The world is advanced but the mindset and psyche of humans are still low and not growing up with the passing time. Their mindsets are still critical, they catch negativity faster than positivity.

These online criticisms are destroying the young generation very badly. We can see the young girls and boys who are mostly busy with social media and trying to get better comments. They forgot that they have a life , family and work, but they mostly live in the world of social media.

No one is safe from these online criticisms, literally no one. We can take the example of our women when they wear clothes out of their culture, everyone gets chances to criticize these women, they do not care what they are doing good for the society but they criticize them in the way as if they did nothing. And all these criticisms can only be seen just in just these social media platforms. Actually, these people who criticize others mostly are the ones who are narrow minded and have no abilities to do better than them. For them passing critical or negative words are good because they don’t understand the meaning and the values of life, relationships and emotions.

By watching these things, it seems as if these social media platforms are only made for spreading negativity and bad acts. Such people forget behaving like human beings, forget how to treat someone with kindness.

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