The students of LUAWMS [Lasbela University of Agriculture and Marine Science], for last couple of days, have been on strike due to the injustice of the varsity’s teachers by giving students very poor results of their spring semester. They have also maintained their sit-in for the acceptance of their legal demands, but sadly, they are getting no sheer response from the authorities.

On Monday [April 5], the students asked the authorities to listen to their grievances and solve them in a span of 24 hours or else, they said, they would block the Quetta-Karachi route if necessary to make their voice heard.

LUAWMS students protest against irregularities
LUAWMS students protest against irregularities

They further told that the university is focusing more on looting the students other than providing a good education. Firstly, the teachers do not regularly take classes and, secondly, when it comes to marks, they themselves give the marks without taking into consideration the class activities. “Teachers mostly torture the students mentally and no higher authorities take any measure over it,” claim the students.

The students also allege on the authorities calling that “from Vice-Chancellor to the clerks, everyone in the administration has been looting the resources which are allocated for the welfare of students.”

LUAWMS is one of those beacons of light for the poor residents of Balochistan where students see a hope to getting to a good position. Looking at such circumstances, students are losing their hope and motivation to study in this part of the province.

Unfortunately, it is around 30 hours that the students are on roads, but the authorities have continuously ignored their demands. It seems that the university administration wants to drop out the students in multiple subjects and take extra charges or make them away from education, which indicates the worsening realm of education in Balochistan.

In his speech, Nisar Baloch, the student of the varsity said that instead of the administration, “the security officers have been visiting their camp and threatening them.”

In a nutshell, Balochistan’s education is already at stake, such poor performance is only going to drop us down in the near future educationally. The governor ought to take notice of the issue or else, I fear, the circumstances may go very worse. We look forward to concrete actions by the administration.

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