Very saddening to note, the entire employees of educational institutions across Balochistan have been recording a protest in Quetta [Balochistan] for last consecutive three days demanding an increment to their salaries. They have surrounded the CM Secretariate and are asking for their rightful demand to increase their salaries but they have received no positive response from the government yet. In fact, male and female teachers have reached in Quetta city from different remote areas of Balochistan in severe hardships to participate in the protest in order to put forward their legal point.

Apart from being affected by the severe given weather conditions, the lives of the teachers are also at greater risk owing to the third wave of coronavirus, but Mr. Jam Kamal [the current Chief Minister of Balochistan] seems less interested towards that. Their demand is only 25% increment in their salaries which can be done overnight, but no guess as to what is holding our Chief Minister back.

The protesters have added that “until and unless the increment notification of salaries comes, we continue our protest”. They look committed to their demand and have continuously been sitting out there blocking the main road, but our government is nowhere in the picture. I fear the government will be responsible if they get to risk by either factor during the protest.

On the other hand, as the protest is getting to its fourth day, all educational institutes are closed by which students are getting perturbation in their study. The very precious days of educational institutions, which were already deteriorated by the coronavirus pandemic, are yet again going wasted due to the non-seriousness of the government-in-rule in Balochistan.

Hence, a number of measures should be undertaken on the issue so that teachers should get their demands fulfilled and remain safe from the hard situations of the corona. Mr. Jam Kamal should visit the camp and ensure quick solutions to their grievances so that the institutions get to their daily routine the soonest.

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