For the past couple of days, I have come across with people who are being misguided by much false news, misinformation, vlogs, blogs, messages and other unofficial sources of information to prevent the coronavirus.

Coronavirus originated from Wuhan, China to the whole world. Globalisation made us learn a new lesson that not just you can travel from this corner of the world to the other but the virus as this can spread to the world.

My purpose is not to write a critique on globalisation but about the misinformation being spread by social media globally.

China has prevented and almost beat the deadly disease with the following precautions which have proved that we have only way to stop to spread the coronavirus by following the right preventions.

Here are some myth and fake news to stop the virus.

1. Hot climate, it is claimed that hot weather will kill the virus. a major city like Lahore has set signboard in public areas regarding this with some restrictions which are not researched and proved.

2. Snow or cold weather can kill the virus is another false claim.

3. Taking a hot bath, some of the news shares said that taking hot water bath can kill the virus which is not just false but harmful for your body so avoid doing it.

4. Drinking Hot water can be helpful to prevent other diseases but not recommended by any global medical care organization to prevent the new Coronavirus.

5. No spraying alcohol or chlorine will kill the virus.
No Pneumonia vaccine and garlic have proved to protect from it.

6. Older people are more vulnerable is also a myth except for those patients of asthma, diabetes and heart diseases which can be more dangerous when victimized by corona.

7. No coronavirus treating medicine has not been introduced or recommended by WHO, FDA or any other major drugs and health organization.

The coronavirus is accelerating severely as it took 67 days from 1 patient to reach 100K, 11 days for the second 100K and only 4 days to reach the third 100K which is heartbreaking how fast it is to expand in the world. In the last press, today (on Tuesday) press conference briefing about COVID-19 WHO chief Mr Tedros Adhanom has declared that it will at least take 18 months to make a vaccine to target the new coronavirus. “So we have to do everything using an available weapon” he added.

However, we can follow the WHO’s advice to protect ourselves from being affected.

some of the following pieces of advice by WHO.

1. Wash your hand frequently, washing your hand with alcohol-based hand rub product or wash them with soap and water completely.

2. When coughing or sneezing either use your flexed elbow to cover your mouth and nose. or you can use a tissue and then discard it.

3. Social distance; avoid close contact with everyone with a distance of at least 1.5 meters especially with people having a cough or fever.

4. Use a face mask in a public place or outside of the home.

5. In case of any fever, cough, or difficulties breathing, seek a doctor immediately.

For further coronavirus update, you can access the WHO webpage. they have also presented a WhatsApp messenger help and medical advice about coronavirus source you can seek advice there too.

Why Self-isolation for 2 weeks is important?

Lately, we have come up with a condition is the world many of the countries lockdown their whole country to prevent the spread of the virus. China has almost beat the virus with the precautions with the support of the public, on the other hand, some of the countries’ people didn’t take it as seriously as should have been and then suffered terribly. People of affected countries have taken step toward lockdown and ordered people to stay home for 14 days and exercise the cautions to help to spread the virus.

Self-isolation for 14 days is the only way to stop the spread of virus. If anyone affected will not spread the virus publicly will hopefully recover or should seek medical care rapidly. This is the only way for social solidarity and to save the world. Stay home for your loved ones.

#StayHome #StaySafe

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