“You wear it, you are attacked, and if you don’t wear it, you are attacked: you oppose it, you are blasphemous, and if you ban it, you are known as Islamophobic.”

Intellectuals say life is the some of all choices. If your self wants a different life, make a different choice. On a similar note, we can see in the given world, women are not given an equal opportunity to make a choice of their own. So is the case of Muslim women in choosing whether or not to wear Hijab. Why isn’t the hijab a choice for x-sex? Is it a product of political Islam? Is it a sign of devotion? Is the Hijab mandated by Islam towards x-sex only?

According to the experts, the term ‘Hijab’ appears merely eight (8) times in the Holy Book (Quran-Pak). It isn’t only mandatory for women but also imposed on Y-gender in times. Then why do only women suffer through the crisis?

The idea behind Hijab was not a war that today the leaders are battling for. The purposes of the Hijab are to dress decently, cover the private parts, avoid sexual exploration against the anti-mind, etcetera. However, in the west, some 12 European countries have banned Hijab, but Muslim women do not consider it. Beligium, France, Australia, Switzerland and Netherlands have banned the Hijab completely, but Spain, Italy, Bosnia, Heregovina and Lativia have allowed just few undeveloped areas to take Hijab as a choice.

According to these countries, Hijab has no place in the modern world. “Muslim women in London are subjected to physical and verbal abuses following the London Bridge attack. (Muslim) women, wearing headscarf, attacked in Berlin.”

To the women in western map, Hijab has become a commodity – something which depends on one’s nationality, culture, social status, and religious beliefs. Australian Muslim leaders see uncovered woman as a meat without leather, a candy without its cover, and an egg without a shell. Few more leaders consider Hijab a barrier that increases cultural separation. Muslims, who live in non-muslim countries, live like them by accepting their dress codes and culture. Otherwise, violence awaits them.

Western Muslim women requested that Hijab should be a choice for them, as their ethnic identity, to build culture solidarity. On the perception of five schools on the permissibility of not wearing Hijab, they believe, “Headscarf is not a part of Sharia.”

In 1936, Reza Shah Pahlavi banned all veil-women in Iran. Whosoever wore it, they were beaten. In 1979, Islamic Revolution took place in Iran, and Hijab was made compulsory. In contrary, women, who did not wear hijab, were beaten. In Turkey during 1924, Mustafa Kemal Atatura banned headscarf in public institutions. In 2013, the ban of Hijab was left in Turkey by Tayyip Erdogan.

In short, the cycle of veiling and unveiling is still continued across the map. Many women were killed owing to this piece of clothing, either by society or parents. Why doesn’t the grieved gender itself have any right to show their choices? Is it the sign of the modern world, or a destruction for women?

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