April is coming without you, Sajid. We have spent another late February and going to pass March to jump in April very soon. And now we will spend every April without you.

Sajid, you are now remembered and compared only with months as I myself today decided to pen something on you but I haven’t finished reading you yet. Who can write the review of a book whose plot has deceived him at the end of the day?

Dear legend, it has been a year since today since you have left us forever. I can well remember the day when I saw one of your pictures, which was set on a WhatsApp status; you were smiling as if you were freed from a long imprisonment.

That moment, I did not know who you are as I had never seen your pictures, never heard your voice, and never read your writings. I was just busy watching live videos on Instagram and YouTube and desiring more fun from members.

When it was March, like others, I went to Instagram to search for one of your beautiful pictures and set it on my status but your smile not only needed a picture but to feel the inner pain of a cute smile.
As on every social site, you were shining like you are going to marry one of the most beautiful women in that remarkable March, but who would believe that April itself would make you groom of your land forever!

Dear Sajid, forgive me for I do not remember the exact date when you go missing and found dead in a river. Because I am the unluckiest person who can never bear to read his own heroes and remember them only on occasions.

Dear beloved, I must not have called you by your name as it has been disrespectful but I don’t know how to be with people. I just knew you when you got missing from a strange land; I only read your pieces when I watched one of your interviews.

Dear Sajid, why didn’t you come on Instagram to discuss and share your knowledge that I would ask you what life is and you would be live on this topic every day? I am still cursing my luck as to why you did not become live ever on YouTube.

Why didn’t you use Facebook to show up yourself as an activist of human rights in foreign lands? Why did you just sit and think that you are to only work on Baloch literature and dictionaries? Why did you choose to be silent when you heard the most disrespectful abuses to be called a coward who ran to a strange land just to spend the snowy evenings with a tea of romantic winter?

Our very own Sajid, why didn’t you narrate your written pieces by which we could know a man who had a priceless voice? Do you know one thing, I always try to dream you but you cannot be dreamt as you are a reality which can only be seen with open eyes.

Do you know that you have been called a legend of our literature but you never deserve such cruel adjectives which only define a person in words because you are someone who not only believed just in words but to work, act and make it possible for the generations?

At last, I just want to know if you get my questions one day, then never think of returning back because we, as a society, can never bear someone like you who never wants to be like us and work only for generations.

Please Sajid Hussain, just tells to late February, March, and dead April that they must come at least with a smell of your books, and with a drop of your ink, with a key of your keyboard, with a word of your dictionaries, with a review of traditional songs, with a reality of our religious society and with a ghost tale of Nizarabad. We miss you, Sajid!

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