In the given world, Baloch people are helpless everywhere. There appears no way left for them to do well for their present and future. According to a local report, more than 5,000 Baloch families get little money to fulfill the fundamental requirements of life from the fuel business from the Iran border. But, here they are tortured as well.

No doubt, Pakistan’s education has already deteriorated all the hopes of Baloch inhabitants towards getting a governmental post. As thousands of youngsters have done their graduation from different institutions across the country but posts are either sold or recommended by influential figures. Due to lack of employment, they turn to the Iran border to do something for the fulfillment of their basic needs.

Very sad to note, recently Iranian forces have opened fire on Baloch who were supplying fuel from Iran. Approximately, 37 Baloch were martyred and dozens got wounded by the Iranian forces in Sistan and Balochistan province of Iran. The Iranian forces’ attacks have created a huge burden on their families. Their deaths hurt the overall population of the province and have created huge scars in the province.

However, the Baloch nation has yet again become helpless in the battle of life. Because there is nothing left for them to do to live a prosperous life. Different obstacles are hindered on their way in anything they plan to do for their social welfare. I wonder if they are doing all these in someone else’s land?

All we look forward to is how the current governments, federal and provincial, deal with the current attack on Baloch residents. There must be taken concrete actions regarding the given issue. These families are already going through the worst living conditions. The governments in Pakistan and United Nations Organization (UNO) should find the solution of getting away with such brutalities on Baloch, either in Pakistan, Iran, or any other part of the world.

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