Are Girls Blessings?

By: Iqra Lal Baksh

“Not to curse daughters, they are blessings,” numbed my existence and stopped my feet the words from the aged man.

Women are the most targeted and victimized of every violence, but yet blessings? Living as a girl is the arduous part. From childhood to adulthood, girls confront distinct discrimination and increments. The gladness turns into grievances when a girl is born in a house on behalf of a boy. The whole family see the mother with hellish eyes who has given birth to a baby girl. Daughters are buried alive sometimes and infanticide is the common seizure at many areas, still
Are girls as much wretch?

My heart aches when a crying boy has conquered by telling “boys don’t bawl, are you a girl?”, but ever has anyone abstracted why do girls sob? No one grieves for the pleasure, but these are the catharsis that girls take out through tears. Believe me, no one can abide the agonies with fortitude as the girls do. She keeps and locks everything within her. She absorbs all the afflictions with a smile.

No doubt, women’s rights are violated the most. They are sitting duck of double violence. Whether indoor or outdoor, she is arrested in both sides. Neither a social girl is saved who does outdoor works nor a housewife is protected. Mostly, the domestic increment is considered private which cannot be prevented. But it is the peak of horror. A huge number of women are subjected to death owing to indoor violences and harassment.

Estimatedly, 96 million girls are illiterated all over the world. At many places girls are not allowed for education. The reason of illiteracy is girls blow time on household works. The most frustrating reason is child marriages. According to a estimation, every year about 10 million girls are married under age of 18. Due to child marriages, girls undergo in pregnancy cases. The one who does not have courage to manage herself, needs to carry another being. Such women are at risk physically and psychologically. It is estimated that each year 70,000 girls confront deaths during childbirth.

Sexual abusement is one of another acute matters which damages the rights of women. Girls are being sexually abused against their will. It is a spread disease worldwide. Most of the girls dread to step out of home owing to this.

After facing and enduring such serious matters, still girls are known faint. One of Shakespeares’ sayings is famous which says: “Frailty thy name is woman.”

But I really disagree with this statement. That is merely girl who bears the river of offences and sea of sorrows. She is the one who grows up a child. She is the one who does all household tasks without getting weary. And yes, she endures every month the pain of menstruous cycle. These fardels are beared with courtesy and she is the strongest one ever.

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