For last couple of days, Baloch mothers, sisters and brothers of missing persons have set a camp in Islamabad’s D-Chowk for the recovery of their beloveds and are demanding the Prime Minister of the country, Mr. Imran Khan, to visit their camp and ensure them about the whereabouts of them. Instead of supporting the families of the missing persons, the families have complained that they are receiving threats to cease their camp and move back to their homes or else they will all be arrested, say the protesters via twitter.

According to the protesters, some of the students who have participated in the protest with Baloch sisters and mothers went missing. The protesters complained to couple of police stations in Islamabad, but could not get good response. As usual, they had the only option to bring the issue into the attention of everyone in the country with the hashtag of #ReleaseBalochProtesters and #ReleaseBalochMissingPersons.

It is not that the protesters, demanding the immediate release of their beloveds, themselves go missing! It is the utmost duty of state to protect the protesters and produce in court the missing persons for whom the camp is set.

However, Shireen Mazari, the Federal Minister for Human Rights, has recently visited the camp of Baloch missing persons in the tenth day with the messages of Premier of the State. She says that Imran Khan has guided her to visit the camp and to ask the families to provide a list of all the missing persons. Secondly, she elaborated to the families that PM would trace all the missing persons, and will hold a meeting with the representatives of the missing persons before March 15 and tell them where and how they are.

The minister urged to the families to end their protest and move back to homes. In response to her demand, the families asked the minister to release a statement in media as to whatever she told the families, after which they would decide whether or not to end their protest. She ensured to release her statement soon. To remind you, the families have already called for a press conference today at four in evening.

Very sadly, in this very hard time, the missing persons’ families were not visited by the provincial government. Neither Jam Kamal Khan, nor any of the other member of the Balochistan Assembly tried to console the families and stand by their legal demand in this critical time. It is going to be a negative sign for the current government in the upcoming elections who have failed to stand by their people.

Balochistan is the richest part of Pakistan with all its natural resources, and owns only a small number of population of 12,344,408. The province is naturally blessed with resources as gold, copper, mines, sulphur, chromite, barytes, marbles, iron, limestone, gas, and above all, the province has the sea water. The state shows much interest in the natural resources of the province, it needs to focus on the well-beings of the people of Balochistan, too.

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