Life is never easy when you are from Balochistan. Even it is tougher when you are a Baloch. You have to face discrimination and eyed in suspicion in daily life. Abductions are a common thing in Balochistan. The inhabitants walk strangely in their own soil – engulfed in unending fear of agony.

Most dishearteningly, Balochistan is the home of uncountable abductions. The grieved families of the forcibly disappeared people of Balochistan always stage protests; sometimes in Quetta and sometimes in other parts of Balochistan. Now that they know nothing is going to happen with local protests, the families have moved to Islamabad where they have staged their protest for the safe recovery of their loved ones who have illegally been kept behind the dark walls for years.

The families began their protest from National Press club Islamabad, where they found least attention. They planned to shift from press club to D-chowk to continue their protest for their beloveds. However, the Islamabad police attempted to hinder on their way, which was not a big surprise for the Baloch people.

One wonders, where was Islamabad Police when Imran khan (while in opposition) staged a ‘dharna’ in the same D-Chowk? Where was Islamabad Police when PDM had their ‘dharna’ in the same D-Chowk? Where was Islamabad Police when Moulana Fazlur Rehman protested against government in the same D-Chowk? The list of such queries never ends if we look back at history, which we will never forget.

Why don’t they clearly state that such restrictions are made only for Baloch?

Above all, the federal minister for Science and Technology, Fawad Chaudhary, reacted on the protest of the families saying that “these mothers can protest in Punjab. No one will look at their national identity cards and shoot them…”

Here one thinks, why would Baloch mothers protest in Punjab? Was it a clear indication by the ‘Punjabi minister’ that it is Punjab behind the abductions of Baloch? Because Baloch mothers are protesting in the national capital city, not Punjab’s capital.

Secondly, the Islamabad police (or maybe someone else around) are using illegal tactics to cease the protest. They detained Baloch students who were participating in the protest.

Today marks the ninth day of the protest and fourth day of the sit in. Reportedly, the families of the missing persons are getting threats from the government that if they do not stop their protest, they will all be arrested. It will be a clear impeachment of the constitution of Pakistan which gives the citizens the right to peaceful protest and the fundamental rights according to Article 184 (3) and Article 199.

Is it that Baloch are no more considered the citizens of Pakistan?

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