While sky hung its moon,
Enthroned my moon on its bosom
That comforted my soul
Air confines the unity
Loud silence whispers
Darkness glares
Every night moon brings a new story of dead voices
I enjoy
And laugh
Laugh louder,
The moon speaks of hope in language Lumma-e-Watan taught
Of a new morning of a new night
The moon got full in freaking freezing night
The stars get iced and melt
And sky peeps from its window
With clustered dew of blood
Her moonshine directed a new direction
spread by the shine of Lumma-e-watan’s devotion
Who sacrificed herself
to bring a new life to Mehristan
Though nonetheless more precious
Than their blood she glamorise
Every frozen dew abjures, flees and sinks
Of timeless love that bleeds
Of summer that mourns
Of heart that creeps
But the land that proudly embraced
the new martyred soul of a fighter
stands to call ” it’s time to cope”

The body of princess of Hope! embodiment of Mehristan
Remember her sacrifices
Her love of ocean
Deep in notion
utters the moonlight to brighten up in midnight

Pity they reckon they have won
Pity they laugh they celebrate
Sad that they do not know her resurrection in every home she immortalized
Mother has lost an arched bone
With a siegn in heart that is ruined.

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