A corpse awaits in Canada

Urdu Poetry: Zarak Mir
Translation: Aziz Baloch

The Corpses are merely corpses
Are the soul-hearts of the mothers
Are the children of theirs ribs
They instinct the odour of mothers
A young corpse is lying in Canada
Oh! The insensible nation
An immortal body full of sagacity
Had dreams in her deer-like eyes
The Young body with tingling shadow of amusement
Sacrificed her self for the good days to come
The nation stood indifferent of the corpse for last few days
That deer-like eyes, the abiding eyes
The one who once said,
I be buried at Tump
In my own cemetery
Besides the friends
So that I would tell them the stories of abroad
Likewise, the story of beautiful country
The deepness of that lake
The coolness of that,
The floating corpse of mine in the dark of night
The story of that awaiting deer-like eyes
Who says,
Alas! Someone gets out in search of me
My nation
The Indifferent nation
Has forgotten me
Has buried me
Left me perished
Left me behind in a strange country
Has left me
Forgotten me.

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