Dearest Mom [my soul of the heaven],

I will never ask you, how you are, for I know your teary eyes are still in the long wait to behold me at that wooden hut, but…!

You never wish to meet me for many reasons. I know you love me more than thyself. I, too, adore you. Your single call_ to come back home_ is enough to head me home, but you never wish to state the single sentence. I know without me you are in pains. You are always with me whenever and wherever I go.

You know, I do understand all your inner torments that you have gone through from day one when I said good-bye to you. It was too hard to leave. I kissed you goodbye; you did not even say good-bye to me, for it was too hard to depart. Finally, we did.

The God of my existence [my mother], since the departure, you have been looking on my ways, but yet you are dead-silent to quote the only statement: “I wish to meet you, my son. Come back to the hut.”

I have been waiting to hear the single line from your mouth, but you never wish me to be back at the land of memories.

Dear Mom, whenever I get back into my past, I see your beautiful eyes-cum-smiles. Your tears and eyes have always been the real spirit to my body. They let me be all myself. Since the departure, I have been living with the bygone memories. I know that the “good-bye” is the only hope that will help bring an end to the sufferings as you never want me to be separated from the land of memories, therefore, you shed only tears for the memories of ours. I know you are recalling those beautiful days in which we lived in that wooden hut for nigh 18 years.

Do you remember Mom, when you cite the statement having a big smile on your face? “It is cloudy here. How beautiful be the weather if it rains!”

In smiling, I said, “Balochistan needs a rain that pours water which is filled with free breathes.”

You smiled and said, “Indeed, it is our soul.”

Dearest mother, last night neither I could sleep nor dwell in ease. Days and days, I engaged myself chatting with the forgotten God. In the beautiful sky, He appears. I question Him with an heavy heart;

Keeping us in your lost memories,

Seen nothing from everything.

O’ Lord, hope you neither hear the cries of mothers,

Nor the sufferings of the innocent birds!

Dearest mom, He answers me not. The tears of the eyes with a huge hope would purify the soul. Hope, after going through the letter, you never wait outside the house to welcome me back.

You are the reason of my existence. I am pleased to know you have kept me safe in your beautiful memories. Miss you Mom!

From your mad child
To the hopeless mother.

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