It was my 5th class. I had made a dozen of strong and charming friends within the small journey of my school life. After a month, our examinations for next class were supposed to be conducted. It was hard to pass school examinations without preparation. So, we all gathered at school everyday to share what we had prepared. It helped us to prepare everything as whatsoever I did not read my friends shared and what they did not know I shared. Likely, the days passed and with passage of time other groups of students gathered for the same purpose in the school’s premise too.

One day, while preparing around 2 at the scorching afternoon of Turbat city, my eyes stuck on a girl wearing torn clothes without shoes. She was so cute, but looked too upset.

The reason was yet unknown to me about sadness on her face. I was looking at her and lost in the world of my thoughts of her. My friends brought me back to the spot from her thoughts and I got busy with preparations again. After around 30 minutes, once again my eyes turned towards the site where I saw her a while ago. She was still standing with her sad face. I asked my friends, “Why does she look upset”

One of my friends replied, “These poor girls every time look upset. Leave her with her sadness and focus on your studies.” I could not digest my friend’s words. Hence, I decided to walk to her.

I went near to her slowly and asked,” Excuse me!” Her innocent and tearful eyes spoke to me a thousand words. All I was waiting to hear was something from her.

“Yes, lala,” she responded in a very low and worried tone. I felt there was something wrong as I could comprehend from her voice. So, I inquired again, “What are you looking for? I have been observing that you are sitting here for long with a tension-made face. It seems as if you have been crying, haven’t you?”

She responded with shivering lips and tearful eyes, “Lala, I am looking for those thrown food near dustbin. I am hungry and and searching for food for me and my younger brother because……..” She could not speak anything thereafter.

Her statement stuck on my mind. It was like the earth had disappeared under my feet. We waste much food everyday without knowing that there are children waiting for food. We never prefer to give a little bit of the remaining food to the needy people, but love to throwing them in dustbins.

I, controlling my tears to come out, asked her to follow me. We went towards my friends and asked everyone of them to share a piece of their today’s meal for her. Some of my friends questioned me why and were not ready to render their food. But one of them gave all his tiffin to the little girl. He narrated, “A day of the month of October (16) is celebrated as World Food Day globally. The purpose of celebration clarifies that we take much food apart from our gauges and throw the remaining parts in dustbins which are unknowingly being taken by the poor people who cannot afford to buy meal once in a day. The purpose of this day of October is to make us aware that we shall share our remaining food to poor and needy ones instead of wasting them; indeed, we waste half of our tiffins likely. What goes wrong if a poor child like her get to have a good meal once a day from us?”

His words were highly appreciated which spread awareness regarding the World Food Day. The other friends were ashamed of how rudely they behaved. Later on, we all promised to share our tiffins to the needy students everyday. After all, it is our duty to take care of our neighbors.

So, share food and include the poor and needy people in getting a good meal at least once a day. There is no guarantee of life; it can be us tomorrow in place of the needy people whose only quest would be food_ maybe around the dustbins. So, better to know the value of food and never waste it.

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