The students of University Law College Quetta on Thursday [October 22] marched towards Governor House Quetta, demanding for hostel, transportation, libraries and allowing political activism in the premise.

In the beginning, the students were stopped from going out of the premise by College administration through police officials who had locked the gates earlier. However, students were large in number and hence got over it. Secondly, they were attempted to be stopped to come out of Khojak road from where they were to March to Governor house, and the students overcame the given obstacle too.

Students protested in front of Governor House and enchanted for their legal facilities. In their campaign, they were supported by Quetta Bar Council, multiple student organizations, including Baloch Students Organization (BSO), Baloch Students Organization (Pajjar), Pashtoon Students Organization (PSO), Baloch Students Action Committee (BSAC), Baloch Students Education Committee (BSEC), Makran Social Activist (MSA) and Connect and Disconnect. The protest was organized and led by Law Students Organization (LSO).

Registrar University of Balochistan Mr. Wali Ur Rehman, Treasurer University of Balochistan Jehand Jamaldini, Principal University Law College Quetta Gul Mohammed Kakar and the entire faculty members of Law College were also present at the protest.

Addressing the students, the Registrar of Balochistan University promised the students to render the facilities of transportation and hostels. Later, university administration issued the notification of providing hostel and transportation facilities.

To bring into your consideration, Law College Quetta is the only public Law College in the Capital city which has remained deprived of hostel facilities for long whereas transportation is available only in two routes; one bus for Sariyab and the other for Airport road. Besides this, the students have been strictly forbidden to practice political activism in college

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