Baloch students were prohibited to rest in hotels in Jambar [Sahiwal] Today on October 18 during their Long March to Islamabad. According to the sources present on the spot, the hotel authorities labelled the Baloch students as “terrorists” and asked them not to rest in the hotels.

It is to remind you that today marks the 9th Day of the Long March by Baloch students towards Islamabad. Students are marching to restore the Reserved Seats for the students of Balochistan in Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan. Despite being followed by the Police, authorities have failed to do a little for the students on roads.

The students are merely marching for the restoration of the “cancelled reserved seats” for the deserving students of Balochistan, says a student from the convoy. “If we had other purposes, we would have a violent approach other than the peaceful long march to Islamabad from Lahore route,” he informs The Baloch News.

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