It was October 4. Noora was sitting in her class during the English period. The teacher was discussing general things and came up with the topic of respect and love.

Noora along, with other classmates, was attentively listening to her teacher. Abruptly, a question raised in Noora’s mind; she asked the teacher, “Sir, why do we celebrate teacher’s day only on 5th of October?”

The teacher smiled and said, “Dear, 5 October is a day of showing our gratitude to our admirable teachers, making them realise their worth and appreciating their hardwork in enrooting the best in us. They have instilled a love of learning in you, you must appreciate their sacrifices.”

Noora queried again, “And is it all about giving expensive gifts to our teachers?”
“Of course Noora”, said the teacher.
“But Sir, there are many poor students who cannot afford to buy expensive gifts. And every time on TEACHER’s DAY I see them feeling uncomfortable wishing the teachers empty handed. And I am pretty sure, I will get to see such students again tomorrow,” mentioned Noora with a mournful face.

The teacher smiled again.
“Noora, for us the most expensive gifts are not the expensive stuffs rather your respect, love, honour and pretty smiles. We need these gifts more on TEACHER’S DAY.”

Noora got speechless after listening to something that made her feel blessed. The complete students got a sparkling smile on their face.

“Think of us as your second parents. Make a strong bond and give us your love and respect. This is the most beautiful gift for us,” said the teacher after leaving the class.

The next day on October 5, every student with their smiley faces wished the teachers and thanked them for all they have done. They arranged a small party and decorated the walls with charts composed of beautiful quotes for the teachers. Some students gave pretty cards to the teachers and expressed their whole love for them.

Thanks to all my respected teachers who created in me the passion of learning and lifted me in a stage that I had never dreamt of. Being my strength in tough days, motivating me to stand with confidence on big stages, creating in me the enthusiasm of writing and reading, you teachers have gifted me the world’s most expensive gifts. Thanks for all your guidance, love and gratitude.

Dear teachers, your hardwork and efforts in shaping my future are whole-heartedly appreciated. You are my inspirations. From empowering me to pursue my dreams to making learning my passion, I appreciate every little and big things you have done for me.

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