Hold on!

Hold on! Pace gently,
For the path you’re choosing is the path of ailment,
Take a breath, slow down
Have a look back,
Its a step of pain,
A twinge of guilt awaits you there
Wait, observe, turn around
There lies a ditch ahead,

Hold on, have a step back,
Put on that saddle, take a deep breath,
Figure; It’s a move for life
Cross the trench,
Chase that glare

Hold on I say!
Cherry-pick the seeds of desire,
And the buds of hope
Plant, water and nurture them
Wait, relax, have patience!

Oh, there I see the spring,
A bloom of ecstasy and glimpse of esteem
An open field,
With fruits of success and sprouts of delight
That’s the arena you belong to
And there lies the blessings you dream of

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