I am the happiest-depressed daughter one may ever see. A girl with everlasting smiles, a positive attitude, and always in a good mood, can be very depressed inside. A girl who buried a lot of anxieties in herself but never showed it to others.

My life was so great. I had not experienced any loss. I got everything I desired. My whole wishes came true. I was unconditionally loved by my parents.
But an unexpected and most ugly day was extremely waiting for me of which I never thought and was never ready for encountering. A day that buried my soul, destroyed my expectations, killed my happiness, was the day when I lost my beloved father.

I lost the most caring person in my life and that was an extreme loss of my entire life. On that day, as I felt they were not only taking my beloved father to the graveyard but also they took my soul to bury it and they buried my soul with him.

I still managed to keep it covered behind a constant smile, as the people considered me a strong daughter who could overcome that bitter incident but no one feels, I’m broken inside. I really miss my father to the depth of my existence.

Sammi Molabakhsh

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