Once I read somewhere that said, Iraqis keep their books on street at night because they believe: “the reader does not steal and the thief does not read.” Ordinary it sounded to me and I thought it made sense. Though I was not much into reading books, I could measure the level of intelligence in their credence.

I had been pushed quite a times by my teachers and my father to read books. However, the truth is that you cannot do something unless your intuitions allow you for it. I too on their will had tried sometimes to grab a book and attempt to peruse. Not to miss, I had the desire to develop this nature for reading but I failed. Initially, I would get a book and try to read, yet after flipping some pages I would get lost to where the writer was taking me. So I would shut the book and never see it again. Many books I started, tried to read and never met their endings.

Stepping into any journey takes time and some efforts, so did my journey of comprehending books. I tried and failed many a times. Reading course books was one thing and reading anything general was another. However, I was consistent. Making friendship with books had given me a tough time, nonetheless, it has its fruits.

Gracefully, I have evolved an intimacy with books. This amity has led me to a new path where I see myself as a different person. They show me my individuality. They take me to the places I have never been to, be the part of stories I would have never lived otherwise. I sense a reflection of myself in books as I read.

My soul feels imprisoned in my body and it gets free only when I read books. Books are a mirror to me that has magic. They are my wings. They have transformed me. From building my vocabulary to improving my apprehension, from seeing them in leisure to reducing stress, from travelling back in time to moving ahead of it, books have always proved productive for me.

Reading in general is a good habit. It broadens your mind and makes out something better of what you couldn’t have imagined. It is like sharpening a saw, the more you read, the sharper your brain gets. Books are a company I can be with anytime anywhere. They guide me, train me, grab out the best in me. They are my intimate friends, and my wisest counselors. They guide me silently and never complain.

Unfortunately, not many know of the worth books have. Howbeit, those who grasp them understand what great of a treasure they are and that they have the guts to put a shattered world back in order. They hold the wisdom of the wisest and the knowledge of the ancients. Books tell you secrets you would not be able to find elsewhere.

Books have life and they share this life to anyone who recognizes their merit. So reading books makes me feel alive. It makes me understand myself and human better. What does it make you feel? Or you have not made friendship with books yet.

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